Jeremiah Greene

Species: Human (mostly... kinda... it's complicated...)
Age: 121
Affiliation: Baron Samedi (Saturday), but tends to freelance more often than not
Occupation: Hitman to the gods, and all-around drunken idiot

Jeremiah Green was born in Cardiff in 1896. By the year 1912 at the age of sixteen, he had moved out on his own, sailing to South Africa to escape his past. It was there that he first died in 1915 during the Battle of Kakamas. Shortly after dying, he was entered into the service of Baron Samedi, who found the young Greene to be quite amusing. Since then, Jeremiah has lived in many different countries all over the globe, learning different magical skills and mooching off of whoever he can mooch off of. This is mostly because while being in Baron Samedi's employ, other than his semi-immortality, he received no other skills or abilities from his boss. Any magic he employs he had to learn himself, borrowing and stealing skills wherever he's able to. The decades since his first death have seen him working as a psychopomp, primarily in service of his boss. When not working directly for Saturday though, Jeremiah freelances, using his abilities as a psychopomp to send nasties back to the other side of death where hey belong. Over the years he has acquired various allies from various different species and pantheons. However, being the idiot that he is, he's acquired many times more enemies as well. As such, he has garnered a bit of a reputation amongst the supernatural crowd, and while not a powerhouse by any definition of the term, he's certainly competent enough (for a mortal, at least) that he can be considered to be a player, albeit very minor, in the spooky side of things. Currently, he's living in Cape Town, and has been for the past ten years or so.

William Stacey Black

Species: Human
Age: 61
Affiliation: None
Occupation: Bartender, owner of Black's Bar

Stacey first met Jeremiah nearly a decade back, around when Jeremiah first moved to Cape Town. Jeremiah helped Stacey out with a problem with a spooky, and in the process saved the life of Stacey's grand-daughter. Since then, the two have become, if not quite friends, at least good acquaintances. Stacey will occasionally help Jeremiah out with his cases, acting as muscle and an extra gun when needed. Being an ex-SAS staff sergeant, he is usually much more competent than Jeremiah when it comes to combat. Over the years of association with the psychopomp, he's grown familiar with the supernatural side of things, though it's not something that he talks about too often. He is typically found at Black's Bar which he owns. He also lives at the bar, with the second and third floors of the building serving as his residence. It also often serves as a sort of base for Jeremiah, who can usually be found drinking there.

Renata "Rena" Wrona

Species: Vjesci
Age: 12
Affiliation: Polish Vjesci Court, The Wrona Noble House
Occupation: Heir in exile to Wrona House

Rena is Jeremiah's twelve-year-old ward, entrusted to him by his ex-girlfriend Madelene "Mads" Veseli after he managed to broker an armistice between the Polish Vjesci houses. Part of the agreement however, was that Rena would live in exile, in order to destabilize the already much too powerful Wrona House. She is extremely intelligent, as is befitting a noble of her station, with a wide knowledge of history and the occult. That said though, she is also still a twelve-year-old girl, and can be prone to the same vagaries of emotion any other teenager is subject to. She gets along rather well with Stacey, mostly because he has experience dealing with children. With Jeremiah though... not so much. She claims to only just barely tolerate him, and is often rather abrasive when interacting with the psychopomp. For all her bluster though, she has come to see Jeremiah as a sort of father-figure, one extremely different from the cold politicians of her family. As such, despite her treating him as an annoying servant, she does care rather deeply for Jeremiah. Currently, she has been in exile for a little over two years. In that time, she has learned magic from Jeremiah, as well as combat from Stacey. She sometimes accompanies Jeremiah on his cases, although Stacey is reluctant to let her do so. Jeremiah though, says that it is good training for her, for when she comes into her power.